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I had so much fun last week….

Firstly, because it was church camp @ Kundasang (lurve the weather man!!) Ps Philip’s message was powerful and refreshing. The theme was ‘Finishing Well’… Its not how well you finish the race, its how well you run the race =)

Secondly, because I got to visit Don Bosco Orphange. Was there 2 years ago. And seeingĀ  some of the kids again this year, they have really grown alot! Im so happy that some of them still remember me =) Had so much fun playing games, singing, talking with them…

Thirdly, because Joy and Faith came to KK for holidays! Yea, Joy and Faith are twins siblings from Japan but they aren’t Japanese because they are Philippinos. Got to know these 2 wonderful talented ladies through a camp me and my sister attended in Philippines 3 yrs ago. Then, when we were in Japan, the twins took us around Tokyo…. It was fun hosting them during their stay in KK. Visit their site to get to know them at http://www.cross614.com

Fouthly, because I got to go to the island!! Yea, brought Faith and Joy to Manukan Island with Danielle and Bernice tagging along. We had so much fun and laughter!! I had the best boad ride ever… so bumpy!! Got wet all the way back from the island… grr…but it was FUN!!

Fifthly, I had so much Green Teas last week!! Green tea drinks, Green tea chocolate, Green tea caramel, Green tea ice cream!! Waaaaaa! So satifying!!

Well, enjoy the pictures…









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