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Just for Laugh…

Now, who says working with kids is not fun?

Warning: Read at your own risk…

After you read this, you might fall in love with kids =)


A kid came to school with a new haircut..

Teacher: Wow! You look so handsome today. You cut your hair aaaa?

Child: No, mummy cut!

Teacher: =/


2 kids were fighting for toys…

Kid1:  Teacher, you see him… he do like this to me (friend beats his leg)

Kid2 : ( Trying to explain)

He do like this to me (take his toys)

Teacher: Nah, see! Who starts first????

Kid1: ME!!! (excitedly)

Teacher laughs…


Lunch time

Teacher: Ok children, line up…time for lunch now

Child: We go to the chicken to eat??

Teacher laughs…


In the classroom, teacher teaching about banana

Teacher: Can you say banana?

Kid: Babana…

Teacher: Not babana, its banana…

Kid: Banana…

Teacher: Good! Can you say banana again?

Kid: Babana…

Teacher: =/


Teacher: Kid1…Your hair is long already. See! Your front hair almost cover your eyes already… ask mummy bring you to the barber and cut it ok?

Kid1 nodded her head…

Kid2: But teacher, see! Your front hair also almost cover your eyes maaa…

Teacher: =/  for a while… teacher put my hair to the side, see! (side parting)

Kid2 then helps Kid1 to part her front hair to the side…

Kid2: Nah, see teacher… I help her put her front hair to the side already…

Teacher: =/


Kids nowadays…..



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Lord, You are Amazing!

Here I go again, typing this post for the 2nd time… still wondering what happened to the previuos post. =(

Anyway, the AMAZING thing which happened 4 days ago was……..

It was on Wednesday afternoon during lunch break, when my mum asked me to drive her to a few places to settle some bills. We went to  Cosway to get some things and then to the post office at Damai. After that, we went to my aunty’s place at Kepayan Ridge to pay her some insurance bills.

Then, we proceed back to the daycare. While waiting at the traffic light near KK High School, I felt something wrong with my brother’s car. Yea, was driving my brother car. The engine was dying off, so I quickly press on the accelerator. As we turned into the junction heading to Foh Sang through Taman Kinamount, the car slowed down. I thought I did not press enough fuel so I press it even harder, and this time, the car went even slower and eventually died down. Thank God I managed to drive up the curb at the housing area. Just imagine the traffic which I can caused if I left the car died on the one way lane street. And because of this, we almost got JiaJun into an accident. Ask her if you want to know more… and JiaJun, if you are reading this, Sorry! =P

Mum called up my brother, and he told us that probably the car ran out of fuel. Mum told him that this couldn’t be the reason as the meter is still above the white line. Then, he told us that the fuel meter indicator does not work effectively and it does not give any warning signals. Grrr…. Mum then called up uncle Andrew (our mechanic) to rescue us as the next petrol station stop was like 2 kms ahead. While mum was talking on the phone, I tried starting the engine again and again. After more than 5 trials, I managed to  start the car. Mum asked me to continue driving but I doubt that we can even reach 100m. What else 2 kms to the station? However,  by faith, I drove…..did we manage to reach the petrol station?

Amazingly, we did! Not at the petrol pump though. The car died down again at the junction of the petrol station. I managed to park it at the side of the station..this time, when I tried to start the engine again, it failed. Phew… Thank God we managed to reach there at the right time. God’s favor was really upon us. Mum went to the counter and seek for help. A very helpful boy came and helped us all through. He was so friendly and caring… After filling the empty tank, we managed to start the car and returned to the daycare without having any  problem.

We really thank God for his faithfullness to us. The AMAZING thing was, how did we manage to drive 2kms with an empty tank? Well, I believe only through God’s grace and mercy….


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Oh dear…

Just wrote a very long post about the amazing thing that happened 4 days ago….

I published it….

And there you go…

It wasn’t in here!

Speechless =/

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Update coming soon…

Sorry guys for not updating…

Will blog soon.. probably during the CNY holiday since that’s the only free time I have =p

Something AMAZING happened 2 days ago… !!

Will share more in the next post.

At the meantime, enjoy the comic below.. one of my favourite cartoon ever!


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Food… glorious food…(after reading Bob’s  and Tatjana’s blog about food.. it tempted me to post something about food)

Who don’t love to eat?

Well, I loveee to eat…!!

My fav:

1. Little Italy pastas and pizzas

2. Coffee Bean’s Coffee Cheese cake (too bad, they dun sell it anymore =( but if you happened to see it, please buy me a piece and I’ll pay you back)

3. Coffee Bean’s Cinnamon Ice Blended Coffee

4. Sotong (fried, grilled, dried, wet…)

5. Penang Laksa… (OldTown’s)

6. Green Tea Ice Cream ( Vedablue, Baskin Robbins, NZ ice cream.. as long as its green tea)

Not that I don’t like burgers or sushi or kfc… I just couldn’t resist the  above =P

Btw, for those who don’t know yet, I don’t take:

1. Beef and Lamb

2. Salmon fish

3. Century egg

4. Sausages (after what my sister told me)

5. Anything that is rawwwWwww!

So, if you do plan to bring me out for makan, avoid the above food =p

What’s your fav food and dislikes?


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Busy week @ Daycare

Phew, it has been a very busy week for me..I guess its not only me, but school teachers, parents and bus drivers as well…

1st week at work was fun and full of excitement! Very tiring but, seriously.. it was FUN!

There were lots of crying, screaming and showing tantrum  from children who came to school for the 1st time. Some kept clinging to their mommies but thank God, the mommies were very cooperative. They left their children with us even though their kids were still crying.  That’s the way! Im proud of you, mommies!! Some children were somehow incredible! They didn’t even cry at all… Yes, Didi… Chloe was one of them. They waved goodbye to their parents and participated in class activities so well….

Anyway, the children settled well really fast. They no longer cling to their parents for the past 2 days… It took them 3 days to settle themselves, which was good! I remembered last year, few kids took about  2-3 weeks to get settle. It was tough last year… but this year, thumbs up!

I’m so excited! Class lesson will start next week. I’ve already prepared lesson plans for the week. Can’t wait to have fun with the children. I’m teaching children aged 3-4 this year…Its going to be a very challenging year, I must say…

Above all, I thank God for his faithfulness and strength to me. Everything went so well at work this week. Indeed, He has answered my prayers!

All glory, honor and praises to Him!


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Happy New Year 2009


I spent my new year eve countdown with these bunch of cool and fun people. HAPPY NEW YEAR guys… Continue to be empowered to make a difference in this world! Love you guys  heapsss!! Emm… where are the quadruples? Anyway, love you gurls too =)

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