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Korea Trip

Im back from our recent family trip to Korea. I had a great time with my family but didn’t quite enjoy much on the trip due to the super duper crazy cold weather!! It was freezing cold!! Cannot tahan laaa! This is the 1st time I didn’t get on many of the rides in the theme park. So sad la… Most of the time, me and family were looking for shelter with heater in it to warm ourselves. Pretty funny…

And did I get to shop alot? Nahhh…the things are so expensive!! 10,000 Won equals to Rm28. But I did get something I like from Korea.. Got myself a pair of Nike sandal, 2 hard rock Seoul shirts and a handbag. That’s all! Anyway, here are some of the things we did when we were in Korea.

Day 1 : Arrived at Incheon International Airport. Then we went on gull ship at Wolmido Island. There, we fed seagulls. After that, we went to Spagreen Water Park where we got to experience different kinds of hot spring spas. There were green tea, ginseng, orange, apple flavor spa. Really an eye opener to me. Then, we proceed to Muju Ski Resort and stayed there for 2 nights.

Day2: The whole day was free for us to go skiing. Had a chance to experience skiing and to be honest with you, I did not enjoy it! So cold and tiring. I quit after 2 hours.. surprisingly, my sis and Susan enjoyed themselves so much. Me, dad, mum and bro went and took a ride on the gondola to the top of Mt Deongyusan. Tempereature: -15! Was freezing!

Day3: Checked out from Muju Resort. Went to Yeoju Chelsea Premium Outlet where 120 branded stores offering savings 25%-65%. That’s where I bought my Nike shoe. Then, we proceed to Everland Theme Park.

Day4: We visited the Imjingak park which was build to console people who left North Korea during the Korea War and Bridge of Freedom. We had the chance to walk through the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel. Pretty scary though…After that, we went to Lotte Word, largest indoor and outdoor theme park in Korea.

Day5: Went and have a view on the Seven Luck Casino, a huge world class casino. Then, proceed to National Ginseng Shop. Get to try so many different kinds of Ginseng products. Parents bought some home. After that, we went to Myeongdong shopping street, trendsetting center of Korea. Didn’t get to shop cause very expensive. At night, went to a none verbal performance show by Korean young people called “Nanta”. My favourite! Go to http://nanta.i-pmc.co.kr for more info.

Day6: Free at leisure but because we have difficulties traveling on our own due to the language barrier, so we joined a day tour to various places. Most of the places we went were shopping spots. Again, didnt get to shop much. Oh, we went to Seoul World Cup stadium!! Huge man….

Day7: Last destination before heading to the airport was a supermarket selling all kinds of local products such as seaweeds, rice crackers, kimchi, ginseng sweets, cuttlefish and more… then, we headed off to the airport for our flight back to KK.









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Christmas isnt about presents…

It isn’t about Santa Clause…

It isn’t about Snowman either…

Not even about Christmas tree…

Its all about..

The Lord Jesus Christ!


Have a blessed Christmas, everyone! God bless =)

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Emotional Day at work….

I had to hold my tears so many times at work today.

Children who were under our care at the Daycare have officially left us for good as they are going to pursue their Kindergarten education next year.

Some children were under our care since they were 2 years old, some were 1 year old and there was a boy who has been with us since he was 2 months old. And now, as they turned 4 years, its time for them to leave… Its really hard seeing them leaving us as we have built strong relationships with one another..

I cried, the principal cried, parents cried….

I really miss them heaps…

I pray that these children will continue to be consistent in their studies and grow up to be a man and  women who will make a change in the generation to come.



Aren’t they adorable? Pictures taken when they were 3 yrs. There are other children as well….

I love you, boys and girls!

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Powerhouse’s performances during the event was…




Words just couldn’t describe how much I thank God for all that He has done for  Powerhouse. Amazingly, the sound system was good when we sang the last family song where during the rehearsal, it sounded really bad. And the drama.. wow! Power bah!  Plus the finale dance, thumbs up! It was indeed a heart changing moment for many…

Picture speaks a thousand words… will post some when I get back to KK.

All Glory and Honour and Thanksgiving to God!

God bless =)

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Its dad’s birthday today! Eventhough dad turned another year older but still, he is young at heart. We celebrated dad’s birthday at 1Borneo BBQ Hotpot with David Gan joining us. Had a great time makan makan and fellowship. His presents? Well, I got him 2 shirts and a winter glove, sis bought him a shirt and a slice of cake, bro and Suz bought him shirt as well… so, 4 shirts in total! And mum? She paid for dinner and also bought dad  winter clothings =) Unfortunately, we forgot to take photographs =( Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dad! You’re the greatest and I love you!



Dad’s last year birthday celebration…

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Shen’s Bat Barakah

I attended Shen’s Bat Barakah ceremony last night. Bat Barakah means “Daughter of Blessing”. It is the time in which the child is publicly released into adulthood, cut from childhood ties to the mother and set apart by their father’s words into their identity and destiny. It was such a joyous ceremony and very touching too, especially when Shen’s parents prayed and released her into womanhood. She is no longer her parents little girl now…. Anyway, Congratulation Shen! Pray that you will continue to grow in the Lord and be a women after God’s heart!


Sis, Shen, Me

img_0142Group picture with the rest of the Powerhouse youth

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I was off from work today so me, mum and sis went to 1Borneo to look for winter clothings. For those who don’t know yet, me and my family will be going to Korea for a family trip this year. And again, like last year, we’ll miss the Christmas celebration in church. But Im glad , we’ll be able to see  Powerhouse performing at Gaya Street on the 18th! Im so excited!

Anyway, back to 1Borneo… as we entered from the side entrance, we went up straight to 1st floor. Like I always do, I’ll look down from the 1st floor to see what’s going on on ground floor. And wowwww!! Seee……!!!!


The decors are superb!!! Just couldn’t help but to take photographs. And another thing I love about the decors were the bubbles foam dropping from above which looks like its snowing.. so beautiful! It reminds me back of  my family trip to Japan last year… Anyway, it feels like Christmas already, people!!!

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